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DEPRECATE: Netsuite Dump, 15 years of data in 1500 Tables, 14k+ fields.
POPULATE: a production ZohoCRM/ZohoBooks asap


  • NEEDS: APIs to pull MySQL and push to ZohoCRM, ZohoBooks.
  • CONSIDER: business rules, bad data, custom entities and API limits.
  • CONFIGURE: empty field disabling,rule match lookups to verify pre-existing records,callbacks and layered joins relation: upto 5 layers, dependant deep.
  • TEST/GO: Scheduled a weekend data move, Monday, data in the new systems.

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One system collects customers information request. This request needs to inform multiple departments and the email by human is not working so well, integration is needed.


  • NEEDS: Origination trigger from record change and value.
  • CONSIDER: Production loads, sync frequency, data amount.
  • CONFIGURE: Pre-fetch sync lookups to set unique ties
  • TEST/GO: Test a control set, then setup your preferred sync schedule.
    Beta Bi-directional syncs are available in some cases

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Silos to Warehouse

Mis-communications and tunnel vision can be thwarted by a simple data warehouse. Providing the ability to show vision from all departments in one dashboard is neccessary, insight required.


  • NEEDS: denormalized design, measures, dimensions, distribution
  • CONSIDER: date conditionals, unique identifiers, callbacks, movements, anomalies
  • CONFIGURE: data maps, defaults, rules and schedules
  • WIDGETS: build reuable report widgets around desired insights
  • DASHBOARDS: build pages with widgets, apply permissions or embed anywhere

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Systems are effected by data more than ever before and recreating exact scenerios can be pretty difficult.

Have you ever tried to debug a system you cannot login to or access the data? Salesforce even created the temporary access feature to find a solution for this.

A controlled way to allow production data to be copied to a testing enviornment is needed.


  • NEEDS: Controlled data pull, population to staging area
  • CONSIDER: security protocols, production load, read only
  • CONFIGURE: limited fields, conditionals
  • TEST/CLEANUP: control testing, resetting and retesting, then cleanup full deletion

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Data Scientist

Data is required for a data scientist to do their job, they must dig deep to discover unknown patterns.

Most are challanged by security access and understanding the technology tools for direct data pulls. They are faced with unclean or unformatted information making it difficult to use in most reporting solutions. A better source of access is required.


  • NEEDS: Controlled data pull, population to staging/warehouse areas
  • CONSIDER: security protocols, production load, read only, limited tables/fields
  • CONFIGURE: data cleaners, maps, defaults, conditionals, schedule
  • TEST/GO: control testing, resetting and schedule syncs or cleanups

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Unique Scenerios - One Offs

EMAILS to WAREHOUSE to CRM: Business commitments happen in email, many systems integrate but what about the few times you used an alternate email?
custom folders from email accounts can be sunk to a warehouse task. Tasks are then used to populate our CRM which ensures all communication is tracked automatically.

Right now, 1939 communications would have been lost since 2014!

PROOF: How about providing all communications related to a particular subject, could you remember every conversation?
A simple search in the warehouse produced invoices, emails, commits and even conversations long forgotten with third party sources: 30% would have been lost without BridgeTheGap.

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Current Library

Updated Jan 2018

These allow full data pulls/push and integration


These allow full data pulls only


Report Snap Shots

BridgeTheGap has brand new report features, released Jan 2018!

Interactive Reports for all data sources
Unique dynamic chart loader 
Widgets built in reusable design
Custom form pages for building dashboards
A unique and ACTUALLY SIMPLE report builder